New type of plant discovered in S'pore after masks seen growing from shrub in Sengkang

Just wow.

Mandy How | May 23, 2021, 04:09 PM

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A new type of plant, maskularis shruba*, has been discovered in the quiet neighbourhood of Sengkang.

The species, hitherto unseen in Singapore, was stumbled upon by one Rachel Yeo, who shared her findings with the community via Facebook.

Photo via Rachel Yeo/Facebook

Photo via Rachel Yeo/Facebook

The plant was existing in its full glory when Mothership went down to check it out.

Video by Mothership

Photo by Mothership.

Some steps away, another lone mask had also sprouted on a neighbouring plant.

Photo by Mothership

Looking like parrots from afar. Photo by Mothership.

Ok serious

A closer look revealed that the masks had likely been hung on the plants deliberately.

However, it is not clear if it was meant to be art, an act of mischief, or simply evidence of forgetfulness.

Photo by Mothership

Scuffing was observed on the masks, both inside and outside.

Photo by Mothership

Photo by Mothership

Photo by Mothership

We counted seven masks in total.

A number of Facebook users have expressed their concern on Yeo's Facebook post, as used masks that are inappropriately disposed of pose a public health and hygiene issue.

This writer's colleague, who prefers to stay anonymous, subsequently threw the masks away. He/she would also like you to know that they have washed their hands with three pumps of soap, and is now cleaner than the surface of your mobile phone. Photo by Mothership.

*Not an actual scientific name.

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