1,800 sq ft Marsiling jumbo flat transformed into modern, open-concept home

Four bedrooms, and a whole lot of space.

Tanya Ong | May 08, 2021, 10:11 PM

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Muhammad Nur recently moved into a Marsiling jumbo flat with his wife and three children last year.

Over 1,800 sq ft

Some key features of the home? A kitchen island, an airy living room and dining room area, four bedrooms, and a walk-in wardrobe for the couple.

Homeowner Muhammad told Mothership that given the space of the unit — over 1,800 sq ft they could have carved out three more bedrooms if they wished.

However, they decided against it as they were keen for the home to have more space.

Here's a look at the massive space:

Muhammad Nur/FB

Muhammad Nur/FB

Muhammad Nur/FB

Muhammad Nur/FB

Muhammad Nur/FB

Muhammad Nur/FB

Muhammad Nur/FB

Muhammad Nur/FB

Modern theme

Muhammad explained that it was his Aart Boxx interior designer (ID) who advised him on most things, from the lighting down to the tile selection.

"I put my trust in Sam (his interior designer)," said Muhammad, who selected the firm after putting research into firms familiar with renovating jumbo flats.

In fact, Muhammad had looked for an interior designer even before he had settled on this particular Marsiling jumbo unit.

During his house search, the ID also gave him suggestions on the kind of unit layout that he should be looking for in order to achieve the ideal home he wanted.

Muhammad Nur/FB

They had settled on "modern" theme, which includes plenty of greys and pastel tones.

And while he did not mention any specific features that he wanted in the unit ("show me what you can do with this space," he told his ID), he was extremely pleased when he saw the proposed design.

What stood out?

"Almost everything!" he said.

Search for a jumbo home

Muhammad told Mothership that he and his wife, who are both in their 30s, previously lived in a 4-room BTO flat.

They were looking for larger home options as they wanted "ample space" for their kids to grow up and run around in.

While a 5-room flat would offer sufficient bedrooms for the family (one room for the couple, two rooms for their kids, and one room for an elderly parent), he was hoping for something less "cramped".

Jumbo HDB flats typically measure between 1,442 sq ft to 1,830 sq ft, and are a combination of two flats, either 3- or 4-room.

They are also typically found in the heartlands such as Woodlands, Yishun or Marsiling.

So, why not an Executive Maisonette?

As their family lives with his father-in-law, he explained that two-storey homes are not ideal for the elderly.

Thankfully, as they only had a limited window of time to settle on a flat after selling their BTO, Muhammad was extremely grateful to his property agent for his help.

Before they came across this unit, they had viewed other flats in other areas, but found them to be unsuitable. They also really liked this particular flat as it was a corner unit.

Muhammad also said that he did not expect his Facebook post to become this viral (it has over 3,000 shares at the time of writing), but was glad that he was able to inspire some other homeowners in their renovation journey.

Top photo credit: Muhammad Nur/FB