Reopening of MacRitchie TreeTop Walk delayed, maintenance works expected to complete by Q3 2021

Take note.

Ashley Tan | May 12, 2021, 11:59 PM

Those looking forward to enjoy the views from the MacRitchie TreeTop Walk might have to wait a while more.

The trail has been closed since August last year for maintenance works.

A notice on the National Parks Board's (NParks) website previously stated that the works would finish by May 31.

However, the website has since been updated and the works will likely be completed by the third quarter of the year.

Aside from the TreeTop Walk, the maintenance works are also being carried out at Peirce Track and Petaling Boardwalk.

Photo from NParks website

The 250m-long TreeTop Walk is where hikers are able to get a bird's eye view of the surrounding forest canopy, and is a popular Instagram spot.

The highest point of the walkway is 25m from the ground.

Aside from leisure purposes, the walkway also plays an important role in forest canopy research, and helps facilitate surveys and plant identification.

Avoid crowded green spaces and abide by Covid-19 rules

If you are planning to visit any green spaces, do remember to keep to groups of no more than five people, keep a safe distance from other groups and wear your mask unless you are engaged in strenuous exercise.

On May 8, NParks also announced the closure of some facilities at popular parks such as the hot spring stations at Sembawang Hot Spring Park. These facilities will be closed till May 30.

The agency has also created a useful real-time map to show the level of crowdedness at various green spaces, which people can check before heading to the area.

Top photo from Hiking Singapore / YouTube