Portable projector with YouTube, Netflix, inbuilt speakers & display of up to 150 inches available for S$298

You can now recreate the experience of a cinema in your home on a budget.

| Matthias Ang | Sponsored | May 01, 2021, 01:59 PM

Here’s some good news if you are keen to set up a cinema at home on a budget, or have a cinematic experience at someone else’s house.

Local brand LUMOS has launched a small 1080p supported projector known as the LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Short Throw Projector.

Standalone home theatre setup

Photo by Sim Qian Qi

It comes in two versions, both containing two inbuilt Dolby Audio speakers for surround sound quality, and the ability to project a screen of up to 150 inches.

There is the smart version, which has its own operating system (Android OS), is WiFi enabled, and has Netflix, YouTube, Casting Apps, Playstore and Bluetooth connectivity all built-in. It is currently priced at S$298.

Photo by Sim Qian Qi

While the projector comes with its own remote control to help you navigate around, you can also attach a USB mouse to the device to navigate the menu.

As for the regular version, it is available at S$199, and requires an external input like a laptop/USB/TV box to display content.

Built-in YouTube and Netflix, with the ability to download even more apps

The smart version is all that you basically need to get a mini-cinema up and running in a room.

Photo by Matthias Ang

Youtube is accessible from the box, while Netflix and Google Play Store require you to login first.

As such, all you need to do to get it going is to simply connect it to the nearest available WiFi network to start enjoying your shows.

Photo by Sim Qian Qi.

Photo by Sim Qian Qi.

In addition, the smart version also allows you to download additional apps into the projector such as BBC, Soundcloud and even Duolingo.

Photo by Matthias Ang.

Mirror your smartphone on the big screen

The projector also has pre-installed apps known as Miracast and AirScreen which allows you to mirror both Android and iOS devices to the projector.

Photo by Matthias Ang

AirScreen turns the projector into an AirPlay display for mac and iOS, while Miracast allows it to connect to PCs and Android devices which have Miracast technology.

Perfect for a party during staycations.

Photo by Matthias Ang.

5-Star Reviews

Since their inception one year ago, the LUMOS brand has received positive reviews from fellow Singaporeans, where many have left 5-star reviews of the projector.

Buying it

If you’re looking to get your hands on this convenient little device, the regular version of the LUMOS Ray is available at a promotional price of S$199, while users who want to upgrade to the smart version with Android OS can do so at an additional S$99.

LUMOS is also offering a bundle deal for their RIZE tripod stand, which can be added on for S$55 (it’s S$80 if purchased separately).

All orders come with free delivery as well.

The LUMOS Ray has an estimated 50,000-hour lifespan, and comes with a 1-year local warranty.

You can find more information here.

This sponsored piece made the author grateful that he can recreate the experience of a cinema from the comfort of his own bed.