SMRT service 920 bus captain wins praise for taking great care of elderly commuters, being courteous

He is praised as a great example of a service ambassador.

Joshua Lee | May 17, 2021, 11:11 AM

Sometimes a kind gesture from a bus driver is all it takes to make one's day.

An SMRT bus captain on service 920 was praised by a commuter on Facebook on May 17 for his attention to commuters' needs.

Kalyani Mohan/Facebook.

According to Kalyani Mohan who wrote about her experience on Facebook, she noted that the unnamed bus driver was very helpful and had his passengers' welfare in mind, which she observed during her bus ride.

When she was running towards the bus stop to catch the bus, the bus captain sounded his horn to signal to her to walk instead of run.

While on the bus, the driver demonstrated his care for an elderly couple as he waited for them to get to their seat before he started driving.

"But the couple told him they’re not sitting as they’re getting off the bus two stops after," wrote Kalyani.

"So he told them, 'I’ll drive slowly, you both hold carefully, OK?'"

Kalyani also observed that the driver greeted every passenger who boarded the bus.

"I thought I should write about him and I only manage to take this photo of him," she wrote.

"SMRT please convey my kudos to him. He’s [a] great example of service ambassadors."

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Top images via Kalyani Mohan/Facebook and Land Transport Guru.