Zhu Houren's son, Joel Choo, leaves Mediacorp after 4 years

Not following dad's footsteps.

Mandy How | May 03, 2021, 08:14 PM

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Joel Choo has announced his exit from The Celebrity Agency (TCA), Mediacorp's talent management arm.

Choo bade his farewell in an  Instagram post on May 2, thanking his boss and managers for the "care and guidance" over the years.

Although he's no longer with the biggest agency in Singapore, the 26-year-old said that acting and music are things that he will continue to pursue.

However, Choo also added that he's got a "new journey" ahead of him, but did not specify what that journey might entail.

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It appears to be an amicable parting too, with TCA commenting, "Thank you for the past few years, we will miss you ❤️" in the comments section of Choo's post.

Choo debuted in 2017 in Channel 5 series "Faculty", which also starred Shane Pow, Cheryl Tan, and Fang Rong.

Since then, he has gone on to act in other Mediacorp dramas such as "C.L.I.F. 5" and "Titoudao".

Alongside his father, 66-year-old Zhu Houren, Choo was among the 30 names nominated for the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes awards at Star Awards 2021.

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Choo previously told AsiaOne that he is "not offended" to be known only as Zhu's son, adding that he sees it more as a "trademark — a father-son duo, relationship thing."

On his end, Zhu has also dedicated a touching post to his son.

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Likening his relationship with his grown-up child to kite-flying, the 66-year-old wrote,

"We’ll get smaller and smaller in their view as they reach greater heights, and maybe we can accompany them for a little while more, but it'll be his friends, his other half, who will walk the rest of his life with him. As parents, we must know how to let go...

Joel has never disappointed us, and he must have carefully thought through this decision...

Dad... wants to be a sensible old man."

Top image via Zhu Houren and Joel Choo's Instagram accounts