HDB lift landing becomes full-fledged living room

How to gain more square feet overnight.

Belmont Lay | May 16, 2021, 05:04 AM

A typical, nondescript lift landing located in a HDB block of flats was converted into a fully functional living room, in what is perhaps the most innovative and bizarre use of public space in Singapore so far.

The scene featuring a sofa, coffee table, potted plants, floor rug, carpet, and children's table and chairs was captured on video and posted on Facebook on May 15, to the amusement of commenters.

According to the post's caption, the video was making the rounds on WhatsApp before it was uploaded onto social media.


Like condominium

In response to the video, commenters wrote that the scene resembled a private property condominium, where the lift opens directly into the apartment.

This was especially so as there was a foot rug positioned directly outside the lift door.

Encouraging kampung spirit

Others also wrote that the scene was similar to a hotel lobby, which provided a refreshing change, as well as praising whoever was responsible for changing the ambience of a typical HDB lift landing and going back to the good old days where the kampung spirit thrived.

Warn against putting up video

There were also others, who are more circumspect, who cautioned against putting the video online as it would attract the attention of the authorities.

However, based on what can be made out in the video, it is not clear exactly in which estate this scene was derived from or if it is even recent.

Possibly spring cleaning at home

Others also theorised that the household could be spring cleaning and needed to move furniture and knick-knacks out onto the lift lobby.


Whatever the real reason, this is still safer than sitting on the ledge outside the HDB flat to maximise one's tenancy.

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