Customer requests GrabFood rider put chicken along HDB corridor into cage in case cat eats it

Food delivery + customer service + animal control.

Belmont Lay | May 06, 2021, 01:41 AM

Singapore food delivery personnel primarily bring chow to customers' door in exchange for some money so that people at home can remain at home in their pyjamas or birthday suit.

Sometimes, food delivery personnel also go the extra mile when customers make special requests.

Special request: Cage my chicken

One Singapore GrabFood rider, Brandon Ng, received one such special request and provided proof that as long as one asks politely, someone might just oblige.

In a Facebook post on May 5, Ng shared how a customer told him to leave the packed food at the door -- and then help put the live chicken hanging out along the HDB corridor back into the cage, in case the cat eats it.

The request read: "Please leave the food at the gate will do btw if u see chicken running around outside, plz help me put it back in the cage for me yea later the cat eat.thx."

Ng posted a photo of him and the lone chicken chilling at the corridor.

He did not say if he did move the bird into the cage, but it is likely he went the extra mile to do so.

No cat was in sight.


Ng's post spread quickly online, as it was shared some 2,500 times in six hours.

Most commenters were tickled by the novelty of the request and situation and reacted with both amusement and disbelief.

Many praised Ng's customer service and dedication, while one commenter wrote: "Delivery with optional side quest."

Some commenters also wrote that it would have been dark and ironic if Ng had delivered a meal made out of chicken at that time.

He did not say what was the order he delivered though.

Previous special requests

Food delivery personnel are known to fulfil all sorts of quirky requests made by customers.

Some are more demanding than others, but inevitably, they all put a smile on other people's faces.

Top photo via Bardon Muse Facebook