S'pore taxi driver frequently buys extra food on his way home to give to anyone in need of a meal

He even gave a passenger a packet of Hokkien mee because she said she was hungry after work late one night.

Karen Lui | May 24, 2021, 06:23 PM

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A free takeaway meal that comes with your taxi ride may sound too good to be true, especially during a pandemic.

However, you might just be in luck if you happen to board Cabby Lim's taxi.

On May 22, taxi operator ComfortDelGro shared on Facebook about a passenger's experience of receiving a free packet of Hokkien mee from Lim.

Hokkien mee

The passenger, Grace Tan, had boarded Lim's taxi at midnight on Mar. 13 and was greeted by the aroma of the Hokkien mee that he had just bought.

She casually remarked how fragrant the noodles smelled.

Lim responded by asking if she was hungry and Tan replied that she was but did not think much of the chitchat.

Upon arriving at her destination, Lim offered her a packet of Hokkien mee.

Tan initially declined but accepted it when he insisted.

Tan said she was "surprised by [his] kindness and generosity", particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It turns out, Lim buys supper home for his family on a daily basis and occasionally orders extra portions in the event that he encounters others who are in need of a meal.

The 59-year-old thinks nothing of it, seeing it as "a small gesture of mine" and said he is "happy to share".

Photo by ComfortDelGro Taxi.


Many commenters have left favourable comments, commending Lim for his generosity and kindness.

However, one person questioned the authenticity of the incident as it was shared by the taxi company, to which ComfortDelGro clarified that the passenger had informed them about Lim's generous gesture.

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Top images by CT Ang for illustrative purposes and ComfortDelGro.