Chinatown breakfast cafe giving away 100 free oyster mee sua & lu rou fan a day to those in need from May 17 to 22, 2021

Warming hearts and bellies.

Karen Lui | May 17, 2021, 12:04 PM

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Despite the potential adverse impact of the newly-implemented Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) on F&B businesses, one breakfast cafe in Chinatown specialising in Taiwanese breakfast and brunch is offering a giveaway to help those in need.

From May 17 to May 22, 2021, Gatao Taiwan Breakfast will be giving away 100 takeaway bowls of oyster mee sua and lu rou fan to elderly people and those who are struggling in this pandemic for free from 2pm to 6pm each day.

Mee sua and lu rou fan

Mee sua refers to vermicelli noodles and is commonly served with oyster to create the popular Taiwanese street food Oyster Vermicelli Noodles (S$5.90).

Oyster Vermicelli Noodles. Photo by Mao Heng Sun on Google Maps.

Known as "Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice", Lu Rou Fan (S$6.90) is an extremely popular Taiwanese dish.

It consists of braised fatty pork, half a braised egg, and a side of vegetables.

Lu rou fan. Photo by EuGene Wye on Facebook.

Speaking to Mothership, a representative said each person is limited to one bowl of either the mee sua or lu rou fan between 2pm to 6pm each day until May 22, 2021.

He shared that they are prepared to give away a total of 600 free bowls during the giveaway period to help the elderly, disabled, and others who are in need during such tough times.

Even if you do not need the free meals, you can still support them by purchasing these items for takeaway or delivery.

Other dishes

They also sell other food items if lu rou fan and mee sua aren't your thing.

The Pork Belly Bun (S$3.50) is great as a snack on-the-go.

Photo by 鍾珮瑜 on Google Maps.

They also specialise in egg crepes (starting at S$3) that come with assorted fillings of your choice such as cheese (S$3.90), pork floss (S$4.90), and tuna (S$5.90).

Photo by 鍾珮瑜 on Google Maps.

Any Taiwanese meal would not be complete without Milk Tea (S$2.90)Black Sugar Milk Tea (S$3.80), or Special Taiwan Breakfast Drink ($3).

Photo by Daisy Wen on Google Maps.

Photo by 霏 on Google Maps.

Here's the menu:

Image by Gatao Taiwan Breakfast.

For enquiries about food, takeaway and delivery, you may drop them a WhatsApp message at +65 8418 1888.

Do note that dining in at F&B establishments is not allowed from May 16 to June 13, as announced on Friday (May 14) by the Multi-ministry Taskforce (MTF) on Covid-19.

You may still opt for takeaway or food delivery at F&B establishments in the meantime.

Gatao Taiwan Breakfast

Photo by Gatao Taiwanese Breakfast.

Photo by Gatao Taiwanese Breakfast.

Address: 101 Upper Cross Street #01-04A/05A/05B, People's Park Centre, Singapore 058357

Opening hours: 7:30am to 6pm

Top images by Mao Heng Sun on Google Maps and EuGene Wye on Facebook.