Woman in red falls to death from 25th storey after dancing outside condo balcony ledge

Questions surrounding the case have led to online speculation.

Tanya Ong | May 10, 2021, 02:46 PM

A 41-year-old woman in Sanya, Hainan Island, died after falling from the 25th storey of a condominium.

Dancing outside the balcony

Prior to her death, she was seen dancing dangerously on the ledge of her balcony. A series of videos, supposedly of the same woman, have surfaced and circulated online.

This includes a close-up video of a person in red dancing on the balcony ledge, a video taken from inside the unit and a video of a person in red falling from a height.

In one video, the woman is seen dressed in an all-red outfit, with a sling bag on her. She stands on the balcony ledge of the condominium unit, and dances, sometimes with only one hand holding onto the balcony railing.

The video was taken by someone in an opposite block.

Michael Wong/FB

Michael Wong/FB

In another video, a man wearing a mask is seen inside the unit while a woman stands on the balcony ledge. The man can be heard saying:

"It's so dangerous! See! It's on such a high floor."

The woman replies: "It's okay. I'm filming a video."

The man retorts, "You're filming a video?!"

Michael Wong/FB

The residence management told reporters that the woman is a tenant from the Shanxi province.

She had also danced on the balcony multiple times.

Netizens also pointed out that the items on the balcony below the woman's unit varied across different videos, suggesting that they were filmed at different times or on different days.


An eye-witness told reporters that the management had sent someone up to the unit to coax her out of dancing at her ledge on May 6.

She had supposedly retreated to the safety of her balcony before going out on to the ledge again, leading to confusion over her actions, Sina News reported.

Questions surrounding the case

The fall, which took place on the afternoon of May 6, has become the subject of online speculation as there are many unresolved questions surrounding her death.


The fact that she was entirely covered up in an all-red outfit, including a hat and shoes, was seen as odd or creepy by some.

The peak daily temperature in Sanya during early May, 2021, is around 28-29°C. Given the heat, some pointed out that it is not necessary to dress as such.

Additionally, according to some Chinese superstitions, dying in red clothes means that the spirit will be a vengeful one.

Did she intend to kill herself?

Local police said that a suicide note was found within the apartment.

A note claiming to be that suicide note circulated on Weibo subsequently, but its authenticity has yet to be verified. That note was type-written and requested that the organs be donated, and the ashes be scattered into the sea.

Some netizens questioned her intention to jump from the apartment, asking: 1) if the suicide note was genuine, and 2) why she chose to jump and risk organ-damage if she really wanted to donate them.

Others speculated that the videos of her dancing suggest that she could have accidentally fallen to her death while doing so.

Who was the man in the unit?

Netizens also questioned the identity of the man seen inside her unit. According to reports, the residence management said that he was not one of their staff.

And while some reports later claimed that a woman's relative had been in the unit on the day itself, the identity of the man in the mask is still unclear.

The police is currently investigating the event.

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Top photo via Michael Wong/FB.