You can eat at some public places, including parks, if it's inconvenient to return home or the workplace to eat

Safe distancing.

Nyi Nyi Thet | May 16, 2021, 11:01 AM

Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) has officially begun.

One of the most notable restrictions is the dining-in portion.

Basically you aren't allowed to dine in at eateries anymore.

Both indoor and outdoor dine-in F&B establishments, including hawker centres and food courts, will only be allowed to offer takeaway and delivery options.

This has raised some concerns about those who might not be able to easily go back home, or even to their workplace, to eat.

According to MOH's website, the consumption of food and drinks at other public places, including parks, is not prohibited.

However this should be when it would be inconvenient to return home or workplace to eat.

And in these instances, members of public should avoid crowded spaces and minimise social interactions, including maintaining safe distancing at all times.

Image from Melvin Yong/FB and Karen Lui