Social gatherings back to groups of 5 in S'pore from May 8, 2021 on top of other restrictions

The new measures will last till May 30, 2021.

Mandy How | May 04, 2021, 06:57 PM

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Following the rise of locally transmitted Covid-19 cases and the emergence of new virus strains, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) has announced the tightening of safe management measures.

The new measures will take effect from May 8 to 30, 2021, MTF said in a virtual press conference on May 4, 2021.

Reducing interactions among social circles

One big change is the reduction of permissible group size in social gatherings, from eight persons to five persons.

As announced on Apr. 30, individuals are advised to keep to two or less social gatherings per day, whether visiting another household or meeting with friends or family members in a public place.

The cap of eight distinct visitors per household per day will also be reduced to five distinct visitors per household.

Workplace measures

Secondly, the percentage of employees allowed to return to the office will similarly be reduced.

Currently, 75 per cent of employees who are able to work from home are allowed to return to the workplace.

From May 8, however, the number will be back at 50 per cent.

MTF said that employers should continue to stagger start times of employees who need to return to the workplace and implement flexible working hours.

Social gatherings at the workplace should be avoided. However, if they cannot be avoided (e.g. during meal breaks), the gatherings are subjected to the revised community limit of five persons.

Reduction of activity and event sizes

To minimise the likelihood of large cluster formations, MTF is reducing event sizes and/ or lowering the event size caps, beyond which pre-event testing is required.

The affected events and their related measures are:

  • Congregational and other worship services

    • Pre- event testing will be required if there are more than 100 attendees at any one time, capped at 250 attendees.
    • Congregational singing will be suspended in religious organisations to manage any risks of spread.

  • Weddings

    • Marriage solemnisations may proceed with up to 250 attendees in total (including the wedding couple, excluding the Licensed Solemniser and vendors) for the entire event, in zones of up to 50 attendees.
    • Pre-event testing will be required for the wedding couple for solemnisations involving more than 50 attendees.
    • Similarly, wedding receptions may proceed with up to 250 attendees in total (including the wedding couple, excluding vendors) for the entire event, in zones or time slots of up to 50 attendees each.
    • Pre-event testing for all attendees (including the wedding couple) will be required for wedding receptions involving more than 50 attendees.

  • Funerals

    • Attendees at the day of the burial/ cremation will be limited to no more than 30 persons, down from the current number of 50 persons.
    • The cap for other days of the wake remains at 30 attendees at any one time.

  • Spectator/participation sports events (seated)

    • All mass participation sports events will be suspended and no spectators will be allowed.

  • Live performances at designated venues, pilot business-to-business events, cinemas

    • The maximum number of attendees allowed will be reduced from 750 to 250.
    • Pre-event testing will be required for all attendees if there are more than 100 attendees.
    • Cinema attendances will be reduced to 100 attendees, with the potential to increase to 250 attendees with pre-event testing.

  • Museums and public libraries

    • Operating capacity will be reduced from 65 per cent to 50 per cent

  • Tours

    • Maximum tour sizes offered by tour operators and tourist guides will be reduced from 50 attendees to 20 attendees.

Top photo by Hannah Sibayan on Unsplash