Striking photo of midnight lightning at Choa Chu Kang from May 17 thunderstorm taken with iPhone 12


Mandy How | May 18, 2021, 11:48 AM

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The night of May 17 saw thunderstorms across the whole of Singapore.

If you'd somehow slept through it, a scene of the natural phenomenon was captured by 20-year-old Shimone Wong from her balcony in Choa Chu Kang.

A fork of lightning illuminated the skies deep purple for a split second, its tendrils seemingly reaching for the residential blocks.

The streets were wet and deserted.

Also looks a bit like a whisk. Photo by Shimone Wong.

Wong told Mothership that the photo was taken close to 12:30am. The storm had started around one hour earlier at 11:30pm.

When the bolts of lightning started flashing, Wong rushed out to her balcony with her iPhone 12 to see if she could turn it into a photo opportunity.

The angle of her balcony, however, proved to be a stumbling block in capturing the shot, and Wong only managed to get one photo that she was happy with.

The result above was not taken using the phone's night mode, she said — the flash of lighting was powerful enough to light up the skies to such extent that it provided ample illumination, if only for a fraction of a second.

Top photo via Google Maps, Simone Wong