Chef Bob gifts elderly neighbour with food, mint plant & saucepan set for Hari Raya

The kampung spirit was never gone.

Fasiha Nazren | May 14, 2021, 06:15 PM

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To celebrate the recent Hari Raya festivities, Chef Bob, also known as Shahrizal Salleh, received some thoughtful gifts from his elderly neighbour.

Shahrizal is a celebrity chef and TV personality in Singapore.

This is a tradition that both families have cultivated over the years for festive occasions.

After receiving gifts like a cat ornament, a vase, artificial flowers and an angpao (red packet), Shahrizal's family decided to return the favour to the neighbour, whom he affectionately calls "Nenek Cina" (which means "Chinese granny").

Gifts neighbour with food and saucepan set

On a May 13 TikTok, Shahrizal shared what he gifted his neighbour as a gesture of appreciation, as suggested by his TikTok followers.

She received a spread from Shahrizal's buffet restaurant, The Landmark, which includes chicken and mutton satay, chicken tandoori, and mutton rogan josh.

He was also mindful not to include any beef offerings out of respect for his neighbour's religious dietary concerns.

There were also some ready-to-eat frozen food and paste.

Photo from Chef Bob's TikTok.

Photo from Chef Bob's TikTok.

And two packs of ChipsMore cookies.

Photo from Chef Bob's TikTok.

Shahrizal's friends from Tefal also came through with a brand new saucepan set for Nenek Cina.

Photo from Chef Bob's TikTok.

And finally, a real mint plant.

Photo from Chef Bob's TikTok.

Here's how she reacted.

Share blessings with other neighbours

It seems like Shahrizal doesn't have a friendship with just Nenek Cina, but other neighbours as well.

He gifted more saucepan sets from Tefal to two of his other neighbours.

HDB spirit, yay.

Top image from Chef Bob's TikTok.