No face-to-face & tele-visits at Changi Prison until further notice after an inmate tests positive for Covid-19

MOH reported the case on May 15.

Julia Yeo | May 16, 2021, 06:09 PM

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On May 15, the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported that a 32-year-old inmate (Case 63253) at Institution A5 in Cluster A of Changi Prison Complex (CPC) has tested positive for Covid-19.

Inmate infected with Covid-19 supports day-to-day preparation of meals

The inmate is linked to Case 63160, a SATS Food Worker working at the prison kitchen, who tested positive on May 13.

The Singapore Prison Service (SPS) confirmed the report on May 16 in a statement, adding that the inmate has been transferred to the Quarantine Centre (QC) at Selarang Park Complex (SPC) on May 14, after his PCR test result came back positive.

He is being monitored by medical staff, and is currently well and asymptomatic.

According to SPS, the inmate supports the day-to-day preparation of meals.

Cellmates transferred to isolated cells

His four cellmates have been transferred to separate, isolated cells as well, and have tested negative so far.

SPS previously reported that about 5,000 inmates, staff and partners will be tested for Covid-19 progressively.

Thus far, no further positive cases have been detected. As a precautionary measure, activities in Institution A5 have been suspended.

All face-to-face and tele-visits suspended until further notice

SPS also announced in its statement on May 16 that all face-to-face and tele-visits will be ceased.

Instead, all inmates' visits will be replaced with phone calls from May 17 until further notice.

Families who have already booked their visits will have their visits automatically converted to phone calls.

SPS has informed the inmates’ families about the conversion of visits to phone calls, and will contact them to arrange for the phone calls.

In addition to phone calls, inmates can communicate with their families through e-letters.

SPS has also suspended the rehabilitation programmes conducted by vendors and volunteers in all prison facilities during this period.

"These are important, preventive steps taken by SPS, for the safety of our inmates and their families, as well as staff and partners, to complement existing measures that have been in place since the onset of Covid-19," the statement said.

Top image via Singapore Prison Service/Facebook