S'pore musician turns CCTV footage of break-in at Farrer Park eatery into music video

A line from the song warns others to 'Hide your dough and lock your shutters'.

Karen Lui | May 07, 2021, 12:55 PM

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Faced with a break-in, most people would likely make a police report and let the police investigate the case.

One business owner went a step further, and made a music video out of the CCTV footage of the incident.

The footage shows an unidentified man taking cash from The Parlour Mirage, a bistro bar located along Owen Road, after gaining access through a door that had been left open, at around 6:30pm on Apr. 19.

Besides the incriminating CCTV footage, the music video also features an upbeat EDM-pop tune, with lyrics referencing details of the burglary.

It is one minute and 28 seconds long, and is available for public viewing on the Instagram page of The Music Parlour Singapore, a music production studio that operates in the same shophouse.

Music video

Local musician Jaye Foo (who goes by the name Jaye Funk), who is also the business owner, made the music video.

The video contains several clips showing how the break-in happened, though the intruder's face remains censored.

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In an email to Mothership, Petrina Yuen, a friend of Foo's, said that the ground floor of the shophouse had been left unsupervised for about half an hour.

The intruder made away with S$400 from the bistro bar, and staff discovered the break-in around 90 minutes later.

A police report has been made, and the police have a suspect, Yuen disclosed.

According to Yuen, Foo and his team at The Music Parlour "wanted to make the best out of the situation by doing what they do best: making music."

They believed that the entertaining nature of a music video would encourage people to share it.

Yuen shared that Foo had been toying with the idea of making a music video out of the CCTV footage, and that the idea came to fruition when his partners at The Music Parlour had an idea to write a song about the incident.

Yuen added that Foo would like to meet the person who stole the money, and offer help if he can, as the person may have resorted to stealing out of desperation.


The song lyrics include some crucial details such as the date (Apr. 19) as well as a few tongue-in-cheek remarks such as "If you ever see me, call the police".

It also makes reference to Yusof Ishak, the former President of Singapore whose portrait is printed on the Singapore banknotes, and Danny Ocean, the protagonist of the American heist film franchise "Ocean's", who is played by George Clooney.

The intruder is also likened to the Trojan horse, a mythological wooden horse that was used by the Greeks to enter the city of Troy during the Trojan War.

Here's the full lyrics of the song:


April 19

I just snuck in

Only one thing

On my mind mind mind

Man I just struck

Couple hundred bucks

Yusof Bin Ishak

On the dime dime dime

Not enough I just want another

Like a salesman going door to door

Hide your dough and lock your shutters

But I’m still gonna get what I’m looking for


If you ever see me,

Call the police

Here’s the CCTV

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m Danny Ocean

Money in my bank if you left doors open

Money magnet


I’m an addict

Money magnet


I’m an addict


Someone’s upstairs

Quickly get the cash

Cops can’t catch my ass


Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m Danny Ocean

Money in my bank if you left doors open

I could sneak into your house like Greek Trojan

Like Danny Ocean

Like Danny Ocean"

Top images via @themusicparlour on Instagram.