1 mother cat & 5 kittens looking for forever homes in S'pore, to be adopted in pairs

Adopt, don't shop.

Karen Lui | May 20, 2021, 11:33 AM

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A total of six felines are available for adoption.

The family of cats was discovered when one of the kittens was spotted running across the road in the Jurong area.

Photo by Susan Lee.

A security personnel of the premises where the family of cats was discovered claimed that the cats will no longer be fed as the premises would be handed over to someone else today (May 20).

A cat rescuer, Susan Lee, has since taken the cats in with the intention to find homes for them.

Lee described the cats as "super friendly", "super affectionate", and having a "combination [of] playful energy and sweet gentleness" in her Facebook post.

Aged around three months old, the cats are to be adopted in pairs.

Although the mother cat is a tortoiseshell cat, her kittens come in an assortment of colours.

Family portrait. Photo by Susan Lee.

One of them is black, two are ginger, and the remaining two have seal point colouring that gives them the Siamese cat look.

Photo by Susan Lee.

Photo by Susan Lee.

Photo by Susan Lee.

Photo by Susan Lee.

Those who are keen to adopt may contact Susan at 9766 9356.

CWS adoption guidelines apply, which includes fully meshing up windows and gates.

Top images by Susan Lee.