Calico cat trapped under pier at Keppel Bay rescued & looking for its owner

Mew is safe now.

Ashley Tan | May 17, 2021, 01:54 PM

A calico cat is looking for its owner in Singapore after it was rescued at Marina at Keppel Bay by several Good Samaritans.

Hiding in a small gap

The cat rescue was documented on TikTok by user @ikaaaa_rf, and the videos were subsequently reposted to Facebook.

The cat, visibly soaked, could be seen hiding in a small gap underneath the pier, and was at the mercy of the waves lapping it up.

It is uncertain how the cat came to be trapped there.

The rescue operation was a delicate one, and a man had to crouch on a boat next to the pier to coax the cat out of its narrow hiding spot using an oar.

Once it slipped out, the cat was deftly lifted onto stable ground by another woman on the pier.

Here's what the rescue operation looked like.

Once safe on land, the calico cat was wrapped up.

Photo from ikaaaa_rf / TikTok

Like a purrito.

Photo from ikaaaa_rf / TikTok

Looking for owner

The cat isn't a stray one though, and photos posted by its rescuer showed it donning a bright pink collar with a bell.

The rescuer added that the cat "is doing okay" at the moment and likes to knead, which is a sign that the cat feels safe and comforted in its environment.

Its rescuer is currently in the midst of finding its owner.

Photo from ikaaaa_rf / TikTok

Photo from ikaaaa_rf / TikTok

Those with any information on the cat and its owner can contact the rescuer on TikTok.

Top photo from ikaaaa_rf / TikTok