'Brave chicken' nonchalantly chills in front of stall selling roast chicken

Taunting fate or making defiant statement or both?

Sulaiman Daud | May 04, 2021, 03:54 PM

Some photographers spend entire careers without managing to capture that one perfect, poetic shot.

This could be one such photo, shared to the Singapore Forum Facebook group on May 3:

Captioned "brave chicken", it depicts a live chicken, presumably wild, sitting nonchalantly in front of a stall selling roast poultry dishes.

It appears to be the Master Wang Roasted Delight stall, which is located at Jalan Tenteram near Boon Keng MRT.

While the menu displays roast duck and char siew, it also offers roast chicken and chicken rice.

The chicken is either oblivious to the dramatic irony of its chosen perch, or is making a defiant statement against the fate that its fellow chickens are condemned to.

(Probably the former.)

Completing the tableau are the presence of two men. On the right is presumably a customer, facing an adjacent noodle store.

He is not looking at the chicken.

In the middle is another man, who is perhaps the stall's proprietor. He is sitting on a stool and looking down at his phone.

He, too, is not looking at the chicken.

It is a very peaceful scene, but it is also a very Singaporean one. Questions of nature, technology and community are contained in one snapshot. It is a picture that contains multitudes.

Or maybe it's just funny to see a chicken plop itself down in front of a stall selling chicken rice. It's all good.

Top image from SG Forum/FB.