MPs Amy Khor & Yeo Wan Ling to dance to K-pop song 'Nobody' at virtual charity show

The MPs hope to raise S$200,000 for beneficiaries at the virtual charity show on May 8, which will pay tribute to mothers.

Fiona Tan | May 07, 2021, 10:53 AM

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Mother's Day is around the corner and some Members of Parliament (MPs) will be putting up a charity show for a good cause this coming Saturday (May 8).

First of its kind charity show

Organised by the Women's Wing of the People's Action Party (PAP) and PAP Community Foundation, the Heart-to-Heart Mother’s Day Tribute and Charity Show is the first of its kind.

The show hopes to raise S$200,000 and the money raised will go to 10 nursing homes in Singapore which include All Saints Home, Grace Lodge and Sunlove Home.

These nursing homes tend to be smaller, less established and have limited access to funds.

Several MPs will be putting on their dancing shoes at this charity event this Mother's Day, including Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment and Transport, and Yeo Wan Ling, newly elected MP for Pasir Ris–Punggol Group Representation Constituency.

Khor, Yeo, the participants and their choregrapher. Photo by Fiona Tan

Dancing to K-pop song "Nobody"

Alongside three taxi drivers from the National Taxi Association and two representatives from the National Trades Union Congress' (NTUC) Women Executive Committee, the group will be dancing to K-pop girl group Wonder Girls' hit "Nobody".

Khor and Yeo practising the dance. Video by Fiona Tan

At one of their rehearsals, Khor told Mothership that she volunteered to join the performance when she heard about it.

Besides paying tribute to the mothers and contributing to a good cause, she finds that this would be a "good opportunity to get to know" the taxi drivers personally in a light-hearted manner.

"I hope to have fun and to bond with the unionists as well as the [taxi driver] sisters."

This is unlike the usual discussions or interactions that Khor has had on the ground with the taxi drivers which tend to be more serious and formal.

A self-care activity for participants

Yeo, who is also the director of NTUC's U SME and Women & Family Unit, said that the female taxi drivers that she spoke to prior to this event had raised the issue of self care.

As they manage both work and household duties, these women hardly have any time for themselves. Yeo said that the dance participants can take their minds off work as they learn to dance, such as getting dolled up, letting their hair down and simply "[being] themselves".

On the actual day of performance, participants will also be donning costumes custom-made by local designer Sylvia Lim. In addition, their hair and makeup will be taken care of by the professionals.

61-year-old taxi driver Evelyn Lam told Mothership that she had found the experience "fun", adding that dancing is "a good way to exercise".

61-year-old taxi driver Evelyn Lam striking a pose. Photo by Fiona Tan.

Another participant, 65-year-old Susie Foo, who is a member of the NTUC Singapore Bank Employee's Union, shared with Mothership that she used to "dance a lot during her younger days".

65-year-old Susie Foo. Photo by Fiona Tan.

A tribute to mothers

The two MPs highlighted that some women in Singapore may face tremendous stress these days to come out to work especially when their spouses' incomes are affected by Covid-19.

Mothers who need to attend to caregiver duties, however, might not get a 9-to-5 job easily, especially for single mothers.

This is why some women decided to become taxi drivers as the job provides more flexibility. Lam, who started driving taxis nine years ago while caring for her four children, is one example. She urged working mothers not to give up and to believe in themselves.

61-year-old taxi driver Evelyn Lam. Photo by Fiona Tan.

For women to be able to achieve work-life harmony better and to achieve what they aspire for themselves, Yeo emphasised the need to provide a proper support system.

"Nobody but you," Yeo explained the choice of song, adding that working mothers is a group that the union is looking out for. This is also why a "women for women" mentorship programme was created in Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, she added.

Yeo and Khor. Photo by Fiona Tan.

Khor also encouraged mothers to not be afraid to pursue their dreams.

"Go for it, carpe diem, live life to the fullest," Khor said.

Heart-to-Heart Mother’s Day Tribute and Charity Show

If you wish to support the charity show, you can watch it online from 3pm to 5pm on May 8.

The charity show will be streamed on YouTube and Facebook.

Here's a preview to the dance performance of "Nobody":

You can find out more about the charity event here.

Top photo by Fiona Tan