S'pore durian store's quirky job ads looking to hire 'noobs' to sell durians, up to S$3,500/month

They even said they 'love working with noobs'.

Tanya Ong | May 11, 2021, 04:51 PM

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A durian store in Singapore has put out a call for "noobs" to join their team.

On May 11, an ad on their Facebook page announced that they are recruiting.

99 Old Trees Durian job ads

The job scope will involve sweat and blood, according to the ad, but "zero experience required".

"In fact, we love working with noobs," one Facebook post said.

Skills that one can expect to take away from this experience: basic durian recognition, basic knife handling and recognising fruit damage.

The position will be available from June to August, and the pay will start from S$11 an hour. This rate is expected to increase with an increase in skill-level.

In addition, there will be a S$500 sign-up bonus.

One can expect to earn up to S$3,500 a month, although it is unclear how they arrived at this amount.

99 Old Trees Durian/FB

Since April this year, 99 Old Trees Durian has been putting out job ads calling for people to join their team.

Their sell? "Earn, learn and burn."

Why pay for gym when you can be paid to "burn excess calories"?

99 Old Trees Durian/FB

Another gym-related ad on May 5, featuring the same photo, was posted after it was announced that all gyms in Singapore are to close until May 30 unless they only offer low-intensity physical activities.

Their Facebook caption even added, "Don't let those muscles melt away."

99 Old Trees Durian/FB

They also pushed out some other quirky ads, referencing "pain" and profound life philosophies:

99 Old Trees Durian/FB

Note: Raw durians are referred to as "potatoes".

99 Old Trees Durian/FB

Located at 46 Owen Road, the store boasts the "highest quality durians" from Raub, Pahang.

When durians are not in season, they serve up durian products like durian mousse.

The next durian season in 2021 is projected to be from June to August.

Top photo via 99 Old Trees Durian/FB.