S'porean woman, 31, leaves raw beef at the doorstep of man she thought had molested her

They are neighbours who live on the same floor.

Alfie Kwa | April 23, 2021, 06:36 PM

A Singaporean woman pleaded guilty on Wednesday, Apr. 21, to harassing her neighbour on two occasions last year.

Farhana binte Mohamed Suwati, 31, admitted to two charges of committing mischief and using insulting behaviour that caused distress to her neighbour.

The victims involved a 48-year-old man and his 79-year-old mother, who live on the same floor as the accused.

Incident caused distress to elderly woman

According to court documents, on May 2020, shortly before 11:08pm, the elderly mother was watching television in her living room with the main house gate locked but door opened.

The accused approached the unit and left raw beef on their doorstep and shouted "wei", with the intention to grab the resident's attention.

The incident caused the elderly woman to feel "distressed and angry".

The accused admitted that she thought the son had molested her on an occasion in 2019, and placed the beef at their doorstep to scare him off and give him a warning.

At the time, the accused thought that the son was the one in the living room instead of his mother.

Accused removed window panels from victims' home

The accused continued to harass her neighbours in September 2020.

On Sep. 10 last year, the accused approached the unit, and shouted vulgarities in English and Malay.

She then proceeded to remove five aluminium window panels and three horizontal metal rods from the victims’ living room window. Thereafter, she threw the window panels inside the unit.

She admitted to doing so because she was "easily annoyed by noises made by people and would eventually 'explode' in anger".

DPP Tin Shu Min stated:

"Earlier that day, she had heard a cough from the unit and felt disturbed.

She then heard another sound from the unit when she was taking out the trash and lost her patience. Thus, she committed the offence."

The windows were later reassembled. However, in the course of removing the panels, the accused had broken a fourth metal rod, in addition to causing three metal rods to be bent and damaged.

The fourth rod could not be reinstalled into the window successfully.

The Housing and Development Board paid S$82.73 for the window to be repaired.

The sentencing has been adjourned to May 5, 9am.

For committing mischief, she may be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years, or with fine, or with both.

For using insulting behaviour, she could be fined up to exceeding S$5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both.

Top image via Unsplash.