Woman finds out on son's wedding day that the bride is actually her long-lost daughter

Epic turn of events.

Tanya Ong | April 05, 2021, 05:47 PM

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A woman's daughter-in-law turned out to be her long-lost daughter.

This curious incident unfolded during a wedding ceremony last Wednesday (March 31) in Suzhou, China.

Birthmark on her hand

According to Chinese media reports picked up by 8 World Newsthe woman was attending her son's wedding ceremony when she caught a glimpse of a birthmark on her daughter-in-law's hand.

The elderly woman said that this birthmark looked just like her daughter's, who was lost as a kid.

Suspecting that she might be their long-lost biological daughter, she nervously asked the in-laws: "Did you adopt this child?"

The family was shocked by this question, as it was a secret that they hadn't told anybody.

After the family confirmed the fact, the bride started crying tears of joy. She said that finding her biological parents was a more joyous occasion than marriage itself.

No issue with marriage

Oriental Daily reported that the family supposedly found the girl along the roadside over 20 years ago and took her in.

The woman, who had searched for her missing daughter for many years to no avail, later adopted a boy.

She also said she sees no issue with the marriage as they aren't biological siblings.

Top photo via Sohu