S'pore woman allegedly told by restaurant to check for bones after swallowing one from fish fillet burger

He said, she said.

Jason Fan | April 24, 2021, 11:03 PM

A woman allegedly found at least two fishbones within her fish fillet burger while eating at T Bob's Corner.

YunJia Tan, who claimed that she swallowed a bone by accident, also said that the restaurant had allegedly told her to check for bones while eating.

The fishbone was approximately 1cm long

According to Tan, she had discovered another fish bone in her food after allegedly swallowing the first.

She added that the fishbone was 1 cm in length.

Image via YunJia Tan/FB.

Tan then asked the restaurant's chef about the bones, and was allegedly told that she should have checked for bones while eating the burger.

She was also told that she should return the plate of half-eaten food, and was ultimately given a 50 per cent discount on the fish burger.

According to Tan, she is not sharing the incident in an attempt to secure a discount, but rather, she wishes to highlight the "irresponsible manner" that the restaurant acted in.

She said that based on her interactions with the staff, the restaurant does not intend to change or improve the way they prepare the fish fillet within their burgers.

"Strongly do not recommend, especially if you have kids or elderly, as you might get a surprise — bones in a supposedly boneless burger," Tan wrote in her Facebook post.

Owner allegedly left sarcastic comment

In addition, she said that the owner of the restaurant left a sarcastic comment on her Facebook post, rather than trying to resolve the issue.

Image via YunJia Tan/FB.

Tan shared another screenshot of the same user promoting T-Bob's Corner as proof of their identity.

Claimed that the owner lied to the media

Tan also claimed that that the restaurant owner lied to Shin Min Daily News (SMDN), who reported on the incident.

The owner told SMDN that everything appeared fine on the day of the incident, and that Tan and her friends were even laughing about it afterwards.

He was therefore blindsided by the Facebook post, but added that he would reach out to Tan to apologise once more.

However, Tan said that the owner did not apologise or offer her any medical assistance after the incident, contrary to what he had also told SMDN.

She added that the owner has not reached out to her.

The person that SMDN had interviewed was not the same user who had commented sarcastically on Tan's post.

You can see Tan's Facebook post here:

Mothership has reached out to T Bob's corner for more information.

Top image via YunJia Tan/FB.