M'sia fried chicken chain sets up stall at Bukit Merah, offers 4 wings for S$3

Fried goodness.

Joshua Lee | April 13, 2021, 11:46 AM

Fans of fried chicken, this is for you.

A fried chicken chain in Malaysia, Winner's Fried Chicken, is opening a franchise stall here in Singapore at Bukit Merah.

Winner's Fried Chicken/Facebook



Winner's Fried Chicken/Facebook

The stall is running a special promotion where you can get four pieces of fried chicken wings for S$3.

Winner's Fried Chicken/Facebook.

Here's the a la carte price list:

  • Four chicken wings (S$3)
  • One chicken thigh (S$2.50)
  • One chicken drumstick (S$2.80)
  • One chicken breast (S$2)
  • French fries (S$2)
  • Coleslaw (S$2.50)
  • Indomie (S$1.20)

Winner's Fried Chicken/Facebook

Winner's Fried Chicken/Facebook

Here's the price list for the chicken sets:

  • Winner's Fried Spring Chicken with Fries (S$9.50)
  • Winner's Fried Half Spring Chicken with Fries (S$5)
  • Winner's Chicken Wing Set - four wings and fries (S$5)
  • Winner's Mixed Chicken Set - drumstick, thigh, breast, and fries (S$8.80)

Winner's Fried Chicken/Facebook

Started in the early 1980s as a fried chicken hawker stall in Kampung Simee, Ipoh, Perak, Winner's Fried Chicken's name spread quickly by word of mouth.

Winner's Fried Chicken.

The business expanded when the company started manufacturing the fried chicken flour which, according to its website, can be used to fry many other types of food.

It also started offering franchise licences to aspiring hawkers who wish to hawk fried chicken.

This new stall in Singapore, which is located in a coffeeshop called Foodgle Hub, will open on April 14.

You can visit it at 119 Bukit Merah Lane, #01-140 Foodgle Hub, S151119 (map). You can also keep updated via its Facebook page.

Top images via Winner's Fried Chicken/Facebook.