Thai transgender women pose with exemption certs after getting drafted for army

Annual recruitment exercise.

Tanya Ong | April 06, 2021, 02:31 PM

It's that time of the year in Thailand where the government holds an army recruitment lottery for males who have turned 21.

Recruitment exercise

Recruits are randomly selected at military call-up events, which involves Thai men aged 21 to 26.

For transgender women in Thailand whose sex is still officially listed as "male", they still have to take part in this event.

However, according to Yahoo News, these women have to show medical certificates proving their new gender. This then excuses them from service as transgender women are not allowed in the Thai army.

On Apr. 2, a Thairath video reported on a recent event, featuring several transgender women who had turned up.

Photos circulated online on Apr. 3 also showed transgender women posing with their exemption certificates:
Tai Bao Bei/FB

Tai Bao Bei/FB

Tai Bao Bei/FB

It is likely that some of the photos in the Facebook post are from previous years' events.

Thaiger previously reported on a Miss Trans Universe 2018 beauty queen, Isaree ‘Nat’ Mungman, who showed up at the event in 2018:

Tai Bao Bei/FB

This event has consistently sparked debate on gender and conscription norms in Thailand.

Coconuts Thailand reported that one of the transgender women who attended the conscription event at Phutsanulok province this year said that transgender women should be allowed to serve in the military.

Others called her a "hypocrite" for being pro-conscription since the current policy does not allow for her to be drafted.

Top photo via Tai Bao Bei/FB.