Gay couple in Thailand receive death threats from Indonesian netizens after sharing wedding photos

Death threats were also sent to the couple's families and wedding photographer.

Matthias Ang | April 12, 2021, 06:25 PM

A Thai couple have received death threats and homophobic comments from Indonesian netizens after posting images of their wedding online, Thai media reported.

On April 4, Suriya Koedsang posted images of his wedding together with his husband, in which he thanked guests and family members for their support.

However, the post subsequently became the target of homophobic comments by Indonesian netizens, who attacked the marriage as "forbidden by god", and "cause of the world's doom", according to Coconutsand insulted the couple with various derogatory terms.

As of Apr. 12, the number of comments on the post has since reached 280,000, with Thai netizens responding to Indonesians with a mixture of insults and jokes, including racist and Islamophobic comments.

Husband, family and even wedding photographer death received threats

Subsequently on Apr. 11, Suriya wrote a post in English in which he highlighted that his husband, family, relatives and even the wedding photographer had received death threats from Indonesians.

Such threats included videos of "slaughter", he pointed out.

Suriya added that he had decided not to respond at first, while being continually insulted for three days, as he thought that the furore would eventually die down.

He asked:

"I have tons of questions in my head why?? We married in my warm house and family, my own place , my own mother land and what is wrong with Indonesia and Indonesians?? Why need to be that dramatic? Why does it happen with our couple while many LGBTQ have done wedding ceremonies a lot here? Why on earth is ours?"

Suriya then added that he did not want to blame religion as he knew a Muslim family who supported him for who he is, and did not face any problems while studying in the Muslim-majority province of Pattani.

He said:

"I honestly respect all religions. When I was studied in Southern of Thailand (Pattani) where mostly of people are Muslim, I have no problem at all nor even difficult time back there. Besides, Muslim family always supported me the way I am. Religion never teaches you to hate others, look down on people. In contrast, religion leverages the human heart to be a good human."

Lawyer: Indonesians who harass the couple could face arrest if they visit Thailand

The same day also saw a lawyer, Ronnarong Kaewpetch, who said in a Facebook post that he had been engaged by the couple over the harassment.

While same-sex marriage is not recognised by Thai law, it is not uncommon to see gay couples throwing wedding parties.

Adding that the family had suffered much stress, Ronnarong warned Indonesians that arrest warrants "will be waiting" for them in Thailand if they step foot in the country.

He has also urged the couple to make a police report as a precaution against a potential "fanatic" within Thailand.

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