Taiwanese boy, 7, in coma after allegedly being thrown more than 20 times during Judo lesson


Guan Zhen Tan | April 25, 2021, 01:28 PM

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A Taiwanese boy known as Huang is currently in a vegetative state after allegedly being thrown onto the ground more than 20 times in a row during a Judo lesson.

Boy was nauseated, was crying out in pain

Taiwanese news website Liberty Times reported that Huang's uncle, who was there during the training, said that the boy started lessons at 7pm on Apr. 21.

During the lesson, Huang appeared to be feeling unwell and complained of being nauseated.

Huang's uncle voiced out to the coach out of concern, but the coach brushed it off, attributing the boy's nausea to an overly filling meal.

The coach then allegedly instructed two boys to practice their throws on Huang.

Huang then repeatedly pleaded for the coach to stop, that his head and leg hurt, and that he did not want to do this anymore.

The coach allegedly threatened the boy to get up, or he would be the one throwing the boy onto the ground.

The coach proceeded to throw the boy to the ground six to seven times, after which the latter lost consciousness.

In total, Huang was thrown to the ground about 27 times.

Huang's uncle then realised that his nephew's cries of pain had ceased.

When the coach carried the boy to his uncle, the boy had turned pale, and his eyes had rolled up.

The coach dismissed it, saying that from his years of experience, the boy was only pretending to have fainted.

The coach then blurted out that he wasn't sure if it might have been because he threw up and choked on his vomit, and said that if they didn't feel assured, they could seek medical attention.

Injury equivalent to being hit by a car

The boy was immediately taken to the hospital where he was operated on, and it was discovered that he was suffering from a brain haemorrhage.

The doctor pointed out that his injury was equivalent to being hit by a car, and he may permanently remain in a vegetative state.

His family initially wanted to let go of his life support, but they were encouraged by the boy's vital signs.

Investigations ongoing

When Huang's father confronted the coach, the coach initially said that there was protective gear during the lessons.

Only when contradictions were found in his explanations did the coach confessed to the boy's father that he, along with two students, had thrown the boy to the ground.

The coach involved is currently being investigated, and has apparently admitted to throwing the boy heavily onto the ground multiple times.

According to Liberty Times, prosecutors have also applied for the coach to be detained.

Top image via CTi News' Facebook video