Man carries 75-year-old dad piggyback after 2 HDB lifts break down at Toa Payoh

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Lean Jinghui | April 11, 2021, 11:17 PM

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A son, "Shen", carried his 75-year-old father up several flights of stairs to their unit on the nineteenth floor, after both lifts at their HDB block broke down yesterday (Apr. 10).

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the father, who had a history of heart disease, had initially been stuck in the lift for half an hour, before he was eventually rescued.

Unserviceable for nearly six hours

As luck would have it, the two lifts were the only ones servicing the HDB flat along Blk 196 Kim Keat Avenue.

Wanbao reported that the 25-storey HDB housed mainly elderly residents, which meant that dozens of elderly folks were "grounded" after the two lifts broke down for nearly six hours.

Residents told Wanbao reporters that one lift had broken down on Apr. 9, while the other had only malfunctioned yesterday afternoon.

Trapped in the lift

Shen, 39, recounted to reporters the panic he had felt when he realised his elderly father was trapped in the lift.

The lift had gotten stuck in between the floors of 12 and 13, said Shen.

He said, "I was so shocked and worried, as my dad has a history of heart disease. I was worried he would develop breathing difficulties and sustain a heart attack while trapped in the lift."

While he immediately called for help from the town council, it took another 30 minutes before the lift technician managed to rescue his dad on the thirteenth floor.

Shen said his dad had appeared shaken, and was covered in sweat. He added, "We continued back home via the stairs, but after just two flights of stairs, my dad started breathing very heavily and was completely not able to move."

Shen had to carry his elderly father for the remaining leg of the journey back home.

"Sincere apologies" for the malfunction

According to Wanbao, the Bishan-Toa Payoh town council has since put up a notice at the HDB elevators, expressing their "sincere apologies" and thanking residents for their understanding and patience.

As of today, Apr. 11, one lift has been fully repaired, while the other remains broken and unable to function.

In the notice, the town council had also reportedly pointed out that repair works were in progress, and that the lift technicians would continue working on the defective lift until it could function normally again.

Mothership has reached out to Bishan-Toa Payoh town council for comment.

Top image courtesy of Wanbao