Malnourished & injured Sambar deer fawn along Mandai trail euthanised due to injuries

The fawn had multiple fractures.

Ashley Tan | April 07, 2021, 04:40 PM

One hiker in Singapore chanced upon a tiny Sambar deer fawn huddled along the Mandai T15.

Unfortunately, the deer was in such a poor state that veterinarians had no choice but to euthanise it after its rescue.

Tiny fawn

Aini Saib, the hiker that stumbled across the fawn observed that it was injured.

Photos she shared on Facebook of the adorable creature showed it lying on the leaf litter. However, it appeared weak, with its eyes closed and flies surrounding it.

Photo from Aini Saib / FB

After staying in the area for an hour for the rescue officers to arrive, she eventually left, and said that she hoped the fawn would be "rescued ASAP".

The fawn was subsequently rescued by Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS).

Photo from Aini Saib / FB

Mothership understands that WRS had responded to a hotline call by a member of public, and it was brought to WRS' Wildlife Healthcare and Research Centre.

There, veterinarians assessed that the fawn was severely undernourished and had multiple fractures.

Unfortunately, based on its condition and a poor prognosis, the fawn was euthanised on welfare grounds.

A post-mortem examination will be conducted to investigate the extent and cause of its injuries.

Native Sambar deer

Sambar deer are native to Singapore, with only an estimated 20 individuals remaining in Singapore.

However, the species' prospects are not great — individuals are often seen near roads and expressways, and a number of accidents involving motorists and Sambar deer crossing the road have occurred before.

The Sambar deer is one of the largest species of deer in the world, after the Moose and the Elk.

Top photo from Aini Saib / FB