Male NUS student expelled for allegedly filming without consent 2 female students engaging in sex acts with him

This case relates to non-consensual filming during consensual sexual encounters.

Belmont Lay | April 12, 2021, 03:36 PM

A National University of Singapore (NUS) male student has been expelled after he allegedly filmed without consent two female students engaging in sexual acts with him on separate occasions.

Allegations against the male student were first reported in The Parrot Review, a website that covers local and overseas affairs.

The original article, published on March 29, claimed that the man was a fourth-year undergraduate, and was also a residential assistant and a team manager with the NUS powerlifting team.

Other media reports said the accused was a scholar, but this detail is not in The Parrot Review article when accessed on April 12.

Male student deactivated social media account

An NUS spokesperson said on April 12 that the male student was alleged to have “separately filmed two female students, without their consent, while engaging in sexual acts with them”.

When approached by The Parrot Review previously, the accused reportedly said: “I don’t really know exactly what you’re talking about, but I have to go.”

He has since deactivated his various social media accounts, it was also reported, and is appealing the decision to have him expelled.

Residential assistants are students who serve as leaders.

They are appointed after rigorous screening and have live-in positions at various residences on campus.

NUS response

A disciplinary board hearing was convened in February after the allegations surfaced, NUS said. 

The Parrot Review put the precise date down as Feb. 10.

The student was not named by NUS but had his candidature was terminated that day. 

The Parrot Review wrote: "The verdict from NUS’s board of discipline had been delivered via Zoom on Feb. 10 after complaints were lodged by two fellow undergraduate students who will not be named."

The website added: "The Residential Assistant, who had been living in Prince George’s Park Residences, was evicted five days after the victim’s complaint."

The disciplinary sanction will form part of the student’s formal educational record at the university, the spokesperson added.

“Upon being informed of the case, the university issued the student a no-contact order to prohibit him from contacting the victims.” 

The NUS care unit has also extended its assistance to the female students.

The police are investigating the matter.

In another story on April 7, The Parrot Review wrote that another third woman has since made a public Instagram Story post saying she had the same encounter with the male student.

She claimed that her encounter with him took place in his small room on campus and that his Android phone was propped up at an angle with the back camera pointing towards her.

Top photo via NUS blog