Monitor lizard enters Thailand 7-Eleven store like Godzilla in Hong Kong

Very Godzilla-like.

Belmont Lay | April 08, 2021, 03:17 AM

A monitor lizard, estimated to be about 1.8m to 2m in length, entered a 7-Eleven convenience store in Thailand and proceeded to cause a major inconvenience to customers and staff.

Climbed up shelves

This was after the monitor lizard casually crawled to the back of the shop and climbed up nine shelves to get up close to the ceiling.

While it did so, it ended up knocking over multiple packets of milk onto the floor, an April 6 Facebook video of the incident showed.

Screaming and laughing in video

The peculiar reptilian antics left customers and staff bewildered, as they shrieked and laughed in both fear and excitement -- all at the same time.

A woman could be heard screaming in the video: “Cute. Is he hungry? Does he want to eat?”

Another person, believed to be an employee, screamed off-camera: “The shelves are ruined! Oh my god.”

The video was shot by Jejene Narumpa, a woman in Thailand.

Her Instagram story of the monitor lizard tagged Soi Ban Tang Sin as the location, which is in the west metro Bangkok’s Nakhon Pathom province.

Monitor lizard trying to cool off?

Some of the responses to the video by online commenters guessed that the monitor lizard was probably just trying to get closer to the air-conditioner to get some respite from the heat outside.

Another video shot by another passer-by showed what appeared to be the same monitor lizard outside of the 7-Eleven store.

The reptile could be seen trying to make a forced entry into the store, but eventually gave up.

One short scene even showed the monitor lizard being shooed away with a broom.