New Haji Lane cafe has waffles & croffles with low-calorie gelato, opens till 2am on weekends


Siti Hawa | April 06, 2021, 09:19 AM

A new cafe, Momolato Cafe, offering gelato, waffles, croffles and more has opened at Haji Lane.

The 18-seater cafe sports a tropical and modern kampung vibe, with hand-crafted rattan boards and palm leaf designs on its walls:

Photo via Momolato Cafe

Photo via Momolato Cafe

The tables in the cafe are made from biodegradable fallen Areca leaves.


The cafe offers a range of items, featuring gelato in various flavours that change weekly.

Keto, Signature or Premium gelato flavours are available and are priced from S$4.90 to S$8.

Momolato Cafe's keto gelato range is sweetened using monkfruit extract, stevia, erythritol, and allulose. It does not have any added sugars and is said to contain very low amounts of fat.

Here are some of the gelato flavours:

  • Kochi Yuzu Shiso
  • Chocolate Arabica Coffee
  • Roasted Sicilian Pistachio
  • Mao Shan Wang durian
  • Oolong Hojicha Tiramisu
  • Ondeh-Ondeh Sweet Potato Swirl

Photo via Momolato Cafe

Photo via Momolato Cafe

When ordering the gelato, you can also opt for a Pandan Leaf-wrapped Cone (S$1.50 to S$3).

Photo via Momolato Cafe

Waffles, croffles, smoothies and popsicle spritzers

Waffles and croffles (fusion of croissants and waffles) are also available from S$6.60 to S$12 (for keto option).

Photo via Momolato Cafe

Photo via Momolato Cafe

You can also get keto and sugar-free Smoothies (S$8) in flavours like Mango Yoghurt Pomelo flavour, Avocado Coconut and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Photo via Momolato Cafe

Customers can also enjoy Popsicle Spritzers (S$8) in these flavours:

  • Watermelon Mint and Watermelon Kiwi Pop
  • Coconut Water Lychee pop
  • Mango Coconut and Passionfruit Pop

Photo via Momolato Cafe

Opens till 2am

The cafe is open till 2am from Friday to Sunday.

Customers can receive a complimentary beverage with every double scoop of gelato from Apr. 12 to May 12, 8pm to 10pm  daily.

Momolato Cafe

Address: 34 Haji Lane S189227

Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 12pm to 11am, Friday and Saturday 12pm to 2am

Top photos via Momolato Cafe