McDonald's Queensway in Japanese-themed garden is most picturesque fast food outlet in S'pore

Even otters know this place.

Zhangxin Zheng | April 16, 2021, 02:18 AM

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Residents in Singapore can be forgiven for expecting all McDonald's outlets here to share an uniform look and feel, given how a giant fast food chain is not expected to deviate too much from what's predictable.

But one particular McDonald's outlet in the west of Singapore stands out.

McDonald's Queensway is arguably the most beautiful McDonald's outlet.

Photo by katayama_yuichi/Instagram.

Japanese-themed community garden

This outlet is located within Singapore's first Japanese-themed community garden called the Ridout Tea Garden.

Formerly called "Queenstown Japanese Garden", the garden serves as a recreational and leisure spot for residents.

A fire in 1978, however, engulfed most of the original garden.

The Housing Development Board later rebuilt a new garden in 1980, which is the current Japanese-themed garden that includes a tea kiosk and a single-storey house pavillion, which McDonald's occupies.

Photo by lizhe0831/Instagram.

Long-time residents will remember taking a stroll in the garden and some might have fed the terrapins with bread crumbs in the past -- even though you probably should not be doing so.

Photo by noorhalim.misakan/Instagram.

The garden is now part of Queenstown heritage trail.

Photo by noorhalim.misakan/Instagram.

Photo by Vangfx/Instagram.

It's so gorgeous that, yes, it can be a spot for wedding shoot too.

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And if you are lucky enough, you might even see an otter:

Video by Ohhgolly/Instagram.

Loving it.

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Top photos by lizhe0831/Instagram and katayama_yuichi/Instagram.