Mark Lee willing to sign on Shane Pow as talent despite drink driving charge

Second chances.

Mandy How | April 28, 2021, 12:06 PM

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Mark Lee has indicated that he is willing to sign on Shane Pow despite the latter's drink driving charge.

The 52-year-old multi-hyphenate founded King Kong Media Production in 2017, and has the likes of Henry Thia, Marcus Chin, and Chase Tan under his management.

Lee spoke to Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) on the subject shortly after it was announced that Mediacorp will be dropping Pow.

Mediacorp said that Pow did not inform them of his recent drink driving charge, and that they only learnt about it when it was reported in the media on April 22, 2021.

In total, Pow had been involved in two drink driving incidents, as well as breached Covid-19 regulations by attending a 13-people party in October last year.

Lee: Not shocked at Mediacorp's actions

Lee told SMDN that he was not shocked that Mediacorp had chosen to terminate Pow, as a company of their scale would have a system in place to deal with such misdemeanours.

"Those who have committed mistakes need to receive the appropriate punishment. How else will Mediacorp manage them in the future?" the actor said.

He added:

"Drink driving is a serious offence. If it's a repeated mistake, then one should be prepared to face the consequences. The wrong-doer should also learn from his lesson, and not do it again."

Lee also advised Pow to deal with the matter head on, instead of hiding.

Referencing an 2007 incident where actor Christopher Lee was sentenced to jail for drink driving, Lee said: "Christopher Lee handled it with equanimity back then, and he's doing fine now! Everyone needs a second chance!"

Pow has not broken his silence so far.

Top image via Mark Lee and Shane Pow's Instagram accounts