Pakistani man in M'sia hospitalised after genitals allegedly severed by group of assailants

The victim is in a stable condition in hospital.

Matthias Ang | April 07, 2021, 04:56 PM

A Pakistani man has been hospitalised in Malaysia after his genitals were reportedly severed by four assailants in Klang, Selangor, Malaysiakini reported.

According to the victim's friend, Rizwan Ahmad, the incident happened on the night of April 4, Sunday, outside the Alam Impian Mosque.

The Chief of Selangor's Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Fadzil Ahmad, said that investigations are attempting to establish the motives of the alleged perpetrators.

Victim was approached by a group

Rizwan added that on the night of the incident, his friend was approached by the four men who allegedly asked him if he was married, and whether he had sex with his partner in Malaysia.

In response, the victim said that he was married, with his partner back in Pakistan, and that he has not had sexual relations in Malaysia.

One of the men then purportedly demanded that the victim take off his clothes and do 10 squats as punishment.

Assailants also asked why his penis was not erect after doing squats

Afterwards, Rizwan said that his friend put his pants back on, only to be told by one of the men that he had not been allowed to do so.

Utusan TV further reported that his friend was then allegedly asked why his penis was not erect, to which he replied that he could not do so at that time.

This drew the assailants' supposed response that his genitals should be cut since it could not erect and was therefore useless.

Despite the victim's pleas to cut off his hands and legs instead, his genitals were severed, with the suspects fleeing after that.

Rizwan added that his friend had been held down throughout the entire encounter which prevented him from running.

Penis yet to be found

Rizwan added that his friend managed to contact his friends for help afterwards, before passing out from the pain of his injuries.

The missing penis has yet to be found however.

Rizwan was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying, "We didn’t find it. Many of us went and even the police were there. The police helped with the search but to no avail either."

Rizwan has since vouched for his friend's "kind" character, adding that he is confident he does not have enemies.

Meanwhile, police Superintendent Ramsay Anak Embol said that the victim is now in  stable condition in hospital, The Star reported.

According to Utusan TV, the victim also holds a UN High Commission for Refugees card.

His family in Pakistan has not been informed of the incident.

Top image screenshot from Google Maps