Stunning shots of lightning captured across S'pore during recent thunderstorms


Zhangxin Zheng | April 04, 2021, 08:56 AM

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More thundery showers with frequent lightning activity can be expected in Singapore this month, the weatherman announced on April 1.

While the thunderstorm might have disrupted many hikers' plans, many photographers in Singapore are looking forward to this electrifying month.

April is the month with the highest lightning activity, case in point with recent thunderstorms which were accompanied with bolts of lightning.

"During the inter-monsoon months, the incidence of lightning activity is higher than other times of the year," the Singapore Meteorological Service said.

Here are some incredible photos taken islandwide in the past few days.

Marina Bay

Photo courtesy of Kevin Law.

A close up shot:

Photo courtesy of Kevin Law.


Photo by Nikil Sreenivas via Singapore Lightning Photographers/Facebook.


Photo courtesy of Vivyan Vong, photo after slight edits with Meitu app.

Video taken by Vong:

Yuan Ching Road

Photo by Eric Siow via Singapore Lightning Photographers/Facebook.

Photo by Eric Siow via Singapore Lightning Photographers/Facebook.

Over CBD area

Colours of lightning

As you can see from the above photos, lightning appear in different colours, and you might be wondering why.

The colour of the lightning that we see depends on how far we are from the lightning strike and the condition of the atmosphere, including the gas composition, particles and temperature.

The most common colour of lightning we see is white.

For lightning strikes that occur nearby, it is also usually white in colour because it passes through fewer air particles before the light reaches our eyes.

More photos of lightning activity taken in Singapore can be found here.

Top image courtesy of Vivyan Vong and Kelvin Law