M'sian couple in S'pore appealing for S$280,000 donations for premature baby with partially developed organs

In order to save mother and child, a doctor at KK Hospital had to perform an emergency caesarean.

Andrew Koay | April 28, 2021, 01:55 AM

A Malaysian couple working in Singapore is appealing for help to cover the rising costs of treatment for their premature newborn baby.

The couple's baby Jero Yong arrived three months early after an emergency procedure on Apr. 9, 2021.

The due date was originally supposed to be on Jul. 9.

The baby weighed only 1kg when delivered.

According to the National University Hospital, the average weight of a Singaporean Chinese baby at 40 weeks is 3.2kg.

The fundraising campaign is seeking a total of S$280,000 to help the family cope with the costs of Jero's extended stay at KK Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

So far, donors have contributed over S$196,000 to the cause of helping baby Jero.

via Shin Min Daily News

An emergency caesarean

According to the campaign's page, the family had intended to return to Malaysia for the birth of their first child.

However, in the early morning of Apr. 9, the mother — Mei Lee — felt pain in her stomach followed by amniotic fluid leaking.

After being rushed to KK Hospital, an attending doctor found Mei Lee's amniotic sac had broken and that her baby's heart rate was unstable.

In order to save mother and child, the doctor performed an emergency caesarean section.

But with his organs not yet developed fully, the newborn was required to stay in the NICU for 101 days of observation.

Image of Baby Jero Yong Image from Give.Asia

Shin Min Daily News reported that Jero is suffering from a hole in his heart.

Costs continuously increasing

Jero's father — Chee Hou — wrote on the campaign page that the couple had used up their savings to pay part of the bill, but it is "continuously increasing".

"It's very difficult for us to cope with this huge amount of the medical bill," said Chee Hou.

"Please help us, give hopes and future to our son and let us get through this difficult situation (sic)."

If you would like to contribute to Jero's campaign you can do so here.

Top image from Give.Asia