Japanese lady travels 2 hours to experience office lunch break romance with boyfriend

Their lunch date was so kawaii.

Alfie Kwa | April 20, 2021, 05:06 PM

A Japanese girlfriend wanted her very own office love story drama, so she made it happen.

The lady first tweeted about her lunch date on her Twitter account as a 'Diary' entry. Her story was later reposted on Helloあsia Singapore, a Facebook page sharing content from both Japan and Singapore. 

Image via Twitter account @linenkuramochi.

Here's a translation of her post, courtesy of Facebook user Glarken McFlude:

"I'm unemployed but I wanted to try dating someone from a company so bad so I put on my college suit from back then and travelled two hours round trip just to eat homemade lunch with my boyfriend at his workplace and went home. I made an I.D., although I'm unemployed."

To complete the experience, she cooked and packed lunches into cute bento boxes for them to enjoy together.

Image via Twitter account @linenkuramochi.

Her lunch time date plan was flawless. She set her very own JDrama scene, down to the smallest detail.

The woman went to her boyfriend's office dressed up as an office lady, replete with a blazer, a button up shirt, and straight cut skirt. She even printed a fake office pass which she wore during their lunch.

Image via Twitter account @linenkuramochi.

Image via Twitter account @linenkuramochi.

The office pass, which had her ID photo, along with other "personal details" looked very believable.

Image via Twitter account @linenkuramochi.

Would Singaporeans do this?

Singaporean readers joked in the comment section of the Helloあsia Singapore Facebook post that guys in Singapore won't even travel to Jurong to meet their girlfriends, let alone attempt something that requires so much effort.

Image via Helloあsia Singapore Facebook page.

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