M'sian lady pays tribute to her beloved husky who died 'protecting' family home from cobra


Nyi Nyi Thet | April 02, 2021, 11:17 AM

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A husky in Taiping, Perak, died after being bitten by a cobra.

Yap, her owner, posted a tribute to her dog on March 20, highlighting its bravery, as well as how much she missed it.

Image from Yap's Facebook

The dog, named Dai Bao after the Disney elephant Dumbo, had attacked the snake who had slithered in to the Yap's house. Dai Bao injured the snake but, in the process, was bitten as well.

Image from Yap's Facebook

The family had taken the dog to the vet, but Dai Bao ultimately succumbed to the poison.

Speaking to Oriental Daily, Yap told them that Dai Bao had actually been a stray they had adopted about two years back.

According to Says, back then, the dog was suffering from severe malnutrition:

After a few months of tender loving care though, Dai Bao was feeling much better:

Image from Yap's Facebook

Thanking the dog for protecting her daughter and mother, both whom were at the house at the time, Yap buried her at the big tree next to her house. A place where Dai Bao loved to play.

Citing Oriental Daily, Says translated what Yap had to say about Dai Bao's death:

"My friend said that Dai Bao wanted to repay us for adopting it, but we didn't need the favour repaid. We wanted Dai Bao to accompany our family peacefully every day until it gets old,"

Image from Yap's FB post