BMW driver slides sharply into vacant parking spot before car ahead can reverse in


Nigel Chua | April 08, 2021, 02:27 PM

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Parking can sometimes be hard to secure in land-scarce Singapore.

Some run-of-the-mill reasons for not being able to get a lot include there being too many cars, or the lots being reserved for season parking.

But one driver — who probably thought that his parking was settled — had a fairly rare encounter involving another driver.

A dashcam video which captured the incident — which apparently took place along Amoy Street — was uploaded by Facebook page on Apr. 7.

Parallel parking, head first

In the video, two vehicles are seen travelling along Amoy Street towards a vacant parking space on the left side of the road.

The vehicle in front steers slightly to the right, presumably intending to parallel park in the vacant space.

However, the rear vehicle, a BMW sedan, cuts into the space head-first.

GIF via video by 

The swift manoeuvre is executed before the vehicle in front can even begin to reverse into the lot.

Commenters on the video were nearly unanimous in decrying the behaviour of the BMW driver, saying that it was clear enough that the front car had intended to take the parking space.

The hazard lights of the vehicle in front are seen to be switched on, a gesture which drivers commonly use to indicate that they are about to park.


The driver of the vehicle in front got out of his car and is seen confronting the BMW driver.

Screenshot via video by

The video does not show what happened after that.

However, it is likely that the BMW driver would have had to first reverse out of the lot in order to end up parked properly within the lot.

Alternatively, the driver would have had to make an extremely complicated multiple-point turn in order to adjust the car's position, if the car in front of him didn't move off.

You can see the video here.

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Top image screenshot from video by on Facebook