'If you can bring it in, bring it out': Hikers lament overflowing park bins near Rail Corridor

Not a great sight.

Tanya Ong | April 06, 2021, 12:24 PM

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A series of photos shared onto Facebook group Singapore Hikers showed how some bins near Fu Yong Park were completely overflowing with trash.

In the photos taken near Fu Yong Park in Bukit Timah, trash was seen spilling out of two bins.

Disposable cups and plastic bags were seen on top of and around the bins.

Photo via Singapore Hikers/FB

Photo via Singapore Hikers/FB

Fu Yong Park is located near Rail Corridor.

The Facebook user who posted the photos suggested that hikers can bring their trash out until they can find a bin that isn't overflowing.

This is a common practice overseas, the post added.


Bring your trash out

In response to the post, some pointed out that the parks could require "bigger bins" given the increase in volume of park visitors.

Many, however, alluded to a "culture" issue and agreed that hikers should be educated to bring their trash out. A comment read: "If you can bring it in, bring it out."

Another comment suggested: If people can be taught to throw litter into bins, perhaps more could be done in educating future generations to produce less waste in general?

High traffic at parks lately

Over the Good Friday weekend, quite a few Singapore residents have headed to green spaces in Singapore.

To manage the crowds, NParks deployed over 500 personnel to all parks, nature reserves and green spaces in Singapore.

If you're thinking of planning a visit, be sure to check out the map showing crowd levels at various parks so you can avoid places with high traffic.

Top photo via Singapore Hikers/FB.