Real & rare Dulit frogmouth bird in Sarawak looks like Hollywood-inspired creature


Ashley Tan | April 23, 2021, 01:43 PM

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One person recently came across a rather unusual sight in the forests of Sarawak.

Peculiar-looking bird

At first glance, the creature perching on a low branch looks almost like a muppet or a Hollywood-inspired creation.

Its speckled brown plumage resembles that of a decomposing leaf.

Photo from Yi Chang / FB

Although several commenters mistook the bird to be an owl, Yi revealed that the surprising sighting was actually that of a rare Dulit frogmouth.

Frogmouths are so named because of their flat beaks and gaping frog-like maw, which they use to catch insects.

They also prey on small lizards, frogs and mice.

Photo from Yi Chang / FB

Here are other frogmouths sighted around the world:

Frogmouths are part of the nightjar family, which is a group of nocturnal or crepuscular (active during twilight) birds.

Little is known about the Dulit frogmouth, but it is endemic to Borneo, which means it cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The species is classified as "Near Threatened" due to habitat loss.

Photo from Yi Chang / FB


Top photo from Yi Chang / FB