Elvin Ng & Patrick Lee continue sparring online over alleged bullying incident on set

In the age of social media.

Mandy How | April 11, 2021, 12:16 PM

Despite his agency's statement of not commenting further, Taiwanese star Patrick Lee has emptied another round of ammunition at Singaporean actor Elvin Ng.

The online fracas started when Ng revealed on a Mediacorp talkshow that he had once been bullied by an unnamed Taiwanese actor on a filming set.

Before long, Lee was outed as the unnamed actor, with his management issuing a statement denying Ng's accusations.

As always, things didn't end there.


On April 10, Lee posted on Instagram to snipe at Ng.

A translation of his text:

"A single Taiwanese

goes [alone] to a place

where it's [all] Singaporeans

......... to bully a Singaporean?!?!

Where is the logic?

If you were the Taiwanese, would you do that??

(A series of emojis meant to convey annoyance and exaggerated distress)

[Congratulations on becoming slightly more famous]"

Note: Filming had also taken place in Malaysia, and not just Singapore. 

Lee also posted the same frame to Facebook:


About 12 hours later, Ng posted to his own Instagram and Facebook accounts as well.

Other than providing some context to the situation, Ng's response was also notably classier. Nice.

Top image via Elvin Ng and Patrick Lee's Instagram pages