Cyclist swerves through traffic, takes hands off of handlebars on River Valley Rd


Jane Zhang | April 29, 2021, 12:15 AM

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[UPDATED on Thursday, Apr. 29 at 11:35am: Police confirmed with Mothership that a report was lodged about the incident, and that they are looking into the matter.]

[UPDATED on Tuesday, May 4 at 10:38am: Police updated Mothership that investigations are ongoing.]

A cyclist was spotted cycling dangerously along River Valley Road, swerving through traffic and cutting in front of cars.

He also could be seen cycling in the middle of two lanes with his shirt open, exposing his chest, while his arms flailed in the air or hung by his sides.

Put hand onto car

According to a video posted by Facebook page SG Road Vigilante, the incident happened around 4:50pm on Tuesday (Apr. 27) along River Valley Road, towards Clemenceau Avenue.

In the video, the cyclist could be seen riding in between the left and right lanes, gesturing with his hand at the car to his right.

Gif via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

As the car pulled forward in its lane, the cyclist suddenly also moved toward the centre of the right lane.

He put his right hand out and pressed it against the car for several seconds, while the car hit its brakes and narrowly missed hitting the road divider.

Gif via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

Swerved through traffic

The cyclist then rode away, swerving between several cars.

Gif via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

In the middle of the junction of River Valley Road and Clemenceau Avenue, the cyclist suddenly changed lanes, cutting directly in front of the camera vehicle.

Gif via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

Took hands off of handlebars

The cyclist could also be seen taking both hands off of the handlebars and raising them into the air.

Gif via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

The video continued from a different angle, with the camera vehicle in front of the cyclist.

From that angle, it could be seen that his top was unbuttoned, revealing his bare chest, as he continued to ride along the middle of the road with his hands hanging by his sides, rather than on his bicycle's handlebars.

Gif via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.

The full video can be viewed here:

Reponding to Mothership's queries, police said:

"The Police confirm that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing."

Top photos via Facebook / SG Road Vigilante.