Cyclist cuts across 3 lanes at Seletar West Link, hits motorcyclist & falls down

Another incident involving a cyclist.

Syahindah Ishak | April 27, 2021, 05:11 PM

A cyclist collided with a motorcycle after abruptly changing lanes along Seletar West Link.

A video of the incident was uploaded onto Facebook.

The Facebook post stated that the incident took place on Tuesday (Apr. 27).

What happened

The cyclist didn't appear to be looking to the left when changing lanes.

After narrowly cycling past a car in the middle lane, the cyclist crashes straight into the motorcycle on the left-hand lane.

The motorcyclist seems to have tried avoiding the cyclist, but to no avail.

The cyclist is subsequently knocked off the bicycle, and falls to the road.

The incident appears to have taken place at Seletar West Link.

Screenshot from Google Maps.

The roads in the Seletar area are frequented by cyclists in Singapore, with the 12-km Seletar Loop being one of the popular routes.

Screenshot from Strava.

Rules for cyclists on roads

According to the Road Traffic (Bicycles) Rules, cyclists must, as far as possible, keep to the "far left edge of the road" unless overtaking.

The exception to this rule is if the cyclists are turning right at the next junction.

In addition, cyclists should also ride in a manner so as not to obstruct vehicles moving at a faster speed.

Should cyclists be turning or changing lanes, they are also required to signal their intentions.

Top images via SG Road Vigilante/FB.