Elderly woman caught taking clocks multiple times from Clementi shop

Literally too much time.

Fasiha Nazren | April 11, 2021, 09:44 PM

An elderly woman was seen nipping clocks from a neighbourhood shop at Clementi Ave 3.

According to a submission to @sgfollowsall by the daughter of the shop owner, these acts were caught on camera multiple times almost every weekend.

Time thief

What's peculiar, however, is that this elderly woman has only taken timepieces like alarm clocks or watches.

According to the shop's CCTV footage, these incidents typically happen between 12pm to 2pm, when the shop's the busiest.

The post added that the woman seems to strike it hot only when the shopkeepers are busy attending to other customers.

Here's a snippet of one of the incidents:

Video from @sgfollowsall.

Steal from family-owned business

The daughter of the shop owner added that as a family-owned business, they don't as much profit especially when they try not to mark up their prices too much as their main clientele are the elderly.

"We don't mark up our prices much so that our items will still be affordable, so it really angers my family seeing that this auntie has been repeatedly coming to steal."

The family has also pasted pictures of the elderly woman at the shop thinking it would deter her from taking her clocks but to no avail.

Photo from @sgfollowsall on Instagram.

You can see the full post here.


Top image from @sgfollowsall on Instagram.