Cat takes lift to HDB unit, even thanks human for pressing correct floor button

He checked to see he was at the right floor before turning back to acknowledge the human got it right.

Belmont Lay | April 15, 2021, 03:39 AM

A community cat in Singapore has been filmed instructing one of his human servants to follow him into the lift to operate the buttons in exchange for both parties' guaranteed safe passage home.

The benevolent ginger cat, who otherwise cannot, or some say, choose not to operate elevators with his furry mammalian paws because that will give away how cunning their kind really are, simply got a human servant to do his bidding.

What video showed

Cat enters lift bringing along his human

The orange and white cat, who is male judging by its colour and bottom, was filmed entering the lift without any prompting and leading the human along who tailed closely behind.

Cat couldn't wait to exit confined space with human

In the next scene, the cat was seen walking towards the lift doors in anticipation before sitting down, as if he was not about to be seen by others in such close proximity to his bipedal companion.

Cat checks if human got it right

When the lift announced it had reached the sixth floor, the cat promptly walked out, but not before surveying the premises to ensure the human did not commit any grave error by getting the wrong floor.

Caught himself not acknowledging human getting it right

Before strutting off, the cat caught himself not minding his manners, as he turned around just as the lift doors were about to close, to acknowledge that the human passed the test.

"Stop following me. And make sure no one hears of this," the cat appeared to say to the human.

The cat continued: "Remember, your family thanks you for getting it right. Now go home."

He then strutted off to his abode.

Person who took the lift interpreted events differently

According to the Facebook post of the encounter by the person who pressed the correct lift button for the cat to exit at the desired floor, the event was interpreted as just a cute cat asking for help to go home because he is already well-acquainted with the residents of the HDB block who are open to lending a hand.

The post's caption read:

Ginger the comm cat

When he feels like visiting , he will wait at the lift with u

Lol... his favourite house for 🍽 n rest 💤

Most residents knows which floor feeds him 😹💪