Cat feeder in Ang Mo Kio spends S$820 a month feeding 30 community cats every day

She is earning a cleaner's income.

Belmont Lay | April 14, 2021, 01:43 AM

A woman in Ang Mo Kio spends about S$820 a month feeding community cats in her estate, while surviving on a cleaner's income.

Details about the cat feeder were put up on Facebook on April 11.

The post, accompanied by photos, was an appeal on behalf of the feeder, Aunty Jenny, who has been single-handedly feeding some 30 cats daily.

In total, the 67-year-old has been making her rounds giving out cat food in the estate for more than 20 years.

Spends more than S$800 a month on cat food

According to the post, just for the month of April 2021, the feeder would require 20kg of Fancy Feast dry cat food worth S$250, as well as 25 cartons of Fancy Feast and Bistro Cat wet food worth S$570.

Call for donation

In response to the call for donations, some Good Samaritans have already donated close to S$200 and some cat food.

But this amount is not enough to cover the entire month's supply and expenses.

The post also made clear that any funds to be donated can only reach the feeder via a transfer to her personal savings account and not through PayNow, as she does not utilise that option.

Those keen on donating cat food directly instead of giving money can also do so.

You can see the full post here with instructions on how to contribute.